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Passionis Verae is celebrating. Our unlined Lamb Leather Gloves are already here this season ready to match your favorite personal accessories like watches, travel bags, shawls and look great, cool and sofisticated!

They are a joy for who wear them since you touch them you feel their delicate form and soft skin, the characteristic smell of the leather, its color, the details that the expert hands of the craftsman have left reflected in each of the pieces.

You can get used to them effortlessly, like a second skin. By trying them you can immediately notice their spell and you will know why these types of articles are always between our things we love because are endearing. It is not possible to go through this life without having had at least one pair of leather gloves!


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Woman Lamb Leather Gloves - Toffee color
Woman Lamb Leather Gloves - Toffee color

Leather Gloves for Woman

Beautiful gloves made of high quality lamb leather, unlined so they adapt to your hand like a second skin and give your outfit a fabulous and chic result. Three combinable colors that can multiply the options in your wardrobe and its original die-cut design gives a touch of good taste. Available in 3 lovely colors


Take a look at the size chart to choose yours.


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Indicative size chart for woman gloves

Cm. around knuckles Size aprox.
16 - 18 6,5 - 7
18 - 19 7 - 7,5
20 - 22 8 - 8,5


To choose your gloves. First measure around your knuckles and find the approximate measurement in the table above.

In the following tables below you can see the measurements of the gloves already finished to refine your choice much better. Follow the indications of the images here next. These urban gloves should be tighter, (not small) since then they will take the shape of your hand and will give a little bit with use.


* If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us

  6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5
 A  inner palm width 7,70 cm 8,20 cm 8,50 cm 9,00 cm 9,50 cm
 B  cuff lenght 5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm

 C  middle finger lenght

     (inside towards ring finger)

7,00 cm 7,50 cm 8,00 cm 8,50 cm 9,00 cm

 D  middle finger lenght

     (external to ring finger)

8,70 cm 9,20 cm 9,70 cm 10,00 cm 10,00 cm

 E  thumb lenght (inside)

5,60 cm 6,00 cm 6,50 cm 6,80 cm 7,10 cm

 F  total external lenght

22,00 cm 23,00 cm 24,00 cm 25,00 cm 26,00 cm

 G  distance from hem to thumb

5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm 5,00 cm

 H  lenght of inner thumb

11,20 cm 11,70 cm 12,20 cm 12,70 cm 13,20 cm

 I   wrist width

9,00 cm 9,50 cm 11,00 cm 11,50 cm 12,00 cm
*  Colors may differ slightly from how they look on your screen  

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