In this last year, due to Covid-19, our life has changed in many aspects and our activities and routines have in many cases become totally different than about a year ago.

Playing sports, going to work or our shopping afternoons have, for now, become something of the past. Therefore each time, at least in my case, we appreciate each opening moment to use the time in a more consistent way. Taking a deep breath of fresh air or taking a walk in the country now has another meaning for many of us.

I keep thinking that this, despite the fact that many of us do not like it, will leave a deep mark on us and will make us much more aware of what nature offers us for free and of how necessary the company and affection of the family and our friends.

Till now, the good part of the matter ( I thing) is that we will learn more to be with ourselves,to work in a different way and to enjoy our own company and our closest family or partners and to give ourselves time to introspection.

That is why I think it isn't a bad thing to walk alone, with our partner or to enjoy with the kids and to weight how much good this "new" way of enjoying our free time, without getting the car, without making a long trip to have a break away from everything from our environment. It seems curious to see things in this way, right? Because we used to "running away" to have time and not see anyone who would remind us of the routines.

This way of life until three or four decades ago was normal, a much more austere way of life. Speed was gradually accelerating us, and perhaps it was getting out of our control. But creation is very wise and this appears now and gives our whole world a sudden braking and have no choice but to wait, to see what happen and learn from it.

Going back to the beginning and to the subject that I want to deepen, it is the enormous value that this particular moment in our lives can hav if we look attentive at it, with new eyes, with the curious eyes of a child or a blind who sees again after a couple of decades of profound blindness. What we do with our time is something that we will have to reevaluate, since in some places we have felt a real longing to go out on the streets under any pretext, something that we have never considered like this before.

Our environment is invaluable, we do not need to escape to have a moment of tranquility but we can find it just around the corner, just looking for it.

So taking a walk outside, running around a bit is not so far fetched. It is simple, it does not require sophisticated implements, you can do it at any time, go with the kids, your partner or with your bike, carry a ball and even a small snack.

If we put ourselves in a position to find the positives, we may like it this new rhythm. Personally, I have been practicing a similar lifestyle for a few years, I like it, it lowers our heartbeat and we can be more receptive around us, to listen and to enjoy small and simple pleasures. If there is something that we have been hearing for a long time from people complaining at the same time, it was lack of time, so well, “something or someone” has heard us and now we have it here, much longer at our disposal. Let's see what we do with it !!

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