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Since the project was launched in 2015, many things have happened that have gradually shaped our home. Each

of these years has been different, intense and exciting.

Passionis Verae means True Passion, passion for artisan work, authentic and well done that emerges from the countryside. Many hands carry out a wonderful process that ends here.


This valuable raw material is the basis of our accessories made of 100% authentic Wool and Sheepskin mostly manually combining a perfect balance between comfort, warmth and modernity.

Our values are strongly linked to nature, sustainable development and a fair price. We believe in thoughtful and responsible buying.

Our garments have a soft and silky finish to achieve a delicious feeling of comfort and warmth at all times, taking full advantage of natural properties and providing an urban, modern and refined touch.


After these few years there are already many satisfied customers around the world who own one of our pieces.

We want to invite you to be part of our history,  visit our online store and share us on your social media, we will be delighted !


Welcome to Passionis Verae


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Yasna Arriagada


100% traditional craft, natural  & sustainable.

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