Merino Wool Scarves
Merino Wool Scarves

Our raw materials

Passionis Verae uses only 100% noble materials from nature, elaborated in a traditional and sustainable way, slow process, handcrafted or hand finished. Our attemporal colors and designs are combinable with most of our wardrobe,  Our motivation is that our items are made to be durable to finally be returned to our environment causing the minimum damage. 


We use Premium Merino Wool in most of our goods. Also Lamb Leather for Gloves and Sheepskin for decorate your house and also for cozy gloves, mittens and baby items with warm wool inside.

In our Studio in Amsterdam we made also exclusive handmade garments that stitch by stitch are knitted with needles. Cardigans, shawls, scarves, hats where we use other valuable fibers such as Alpaca, Mohair, Yak.

Besides wool, there other fibres in our Catalogue , Cotton, Linnen and Silk...all 100%, each with its own personality and benefits for the summer season.


Every item in our catalog is authentic and made to long last, ake your time choosing a partcular fiber, it will quick adapt to your style and your needs.


Enjoy them !

Wool and delicate fiber cleaning

*Dry cleaning is always allowed.

  Hand wash:

- Cold water using neutral detergent without rubbing       or scrubbing. 

- Do not use fabric softener. 

- Rinse well and allow to drain naturally without                 pressure.

- Spread on a towel on a flat surface giving the original     shape and avoiding the sun. 

- Do not hang.

- Iron at a low temperature.


* More tips to take care of your clothes here 

Care of sheepskin gloves & mittens

Dry cleaning is recommended in establishments specializing in dry cleaning of leather goods.

If they get wet in the rain, let them dry in a warm place, not directly on the heater. Then brush them and they are ready to use again.

For small spots, try using a moist cloth or a special rubber brush and bristles for sale in shoe stores.

In case of hand wash:

- Gently wash by hand with warm water (40) with soap or soft shampoo especially for wool washing.

   do not stretch or scrub.

- Remove excess of water with a towel and let dry slowly away from direct heat.

- During the drying process, introduce your hands a few times to help retake its shape.

Care of your Sheepskin rug

Keeping our Sheepskin in good condition and for a long time is relatively easy if we consider that it is basically Leather and Wool.

For care, simply vacuum or shake it, ventilate it and brush it often to keep it nice and silky.

If it does get stained, you can wash the stain with a soap suitable for wool. Gently, without scrubbing and cold water. You should let it dry with the skin facing up and the wool to air out and release the water, for example on a rack.


To wash or not to wash your Sheepskin?

It's not something you should do often, but I find that hand wash is the least aggressive procedure. But if you use the Sheepskin as a rug it can be dirtier if you step on it. Take advantage of doing this in summer when it doesn't take much time to dry out.

Do it only when necessary, carefully with a mild soap or shampoo suitable for wool. You can use the bathtub for this. Brush it before washing to avoid tangles. First prepare the soap before introducing your Sheepskin, do not put the soap directly. Then introduce it and shake gently to loosen the dirt. Don't stretch or twist the skin. If it is very dirty, carefully move it aside and prepare another soap again and reinsert it. When you see that it is ready, rinse very well and carefully. You must drain the water that your sheepskin absorbs as much as possible. Dry on a rack skin side up, not in direct sunlight. You can soak up the excess water with a towel. Don't brush it wet. Don't dry it on a radiator.

Finally pay attention that it is very dry.

Once dry, brush it again to open the fibers well.


Machine wash? not recommended because wool tends to felted.


Professional cleaning? I prefer hand wash because you do it with a mild soap. Dry cleaning generally uses chemicals that can damage the skin. But in case to do, make sure they have experience in this type of skin.

Your Sheepskin is multipurpose, you will use it to sit, put furniture on it, step on it as a carpet, and if you have pets or children, they will surely love it.

Brushing and vacuuming it periodically is the best maintenance care.

Keep it away of direct sunshine.

With these simple cares, you will keep your Sheepskin for a long time.

Care of Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a simple footwear made 100% by hand with materials from the earth: Jute and Cotton. The lower part of the sole has rubber to avoid the jute rubbing with the ground when walking.

Espadrilles must to be used on dry days because the fiber swells when absorbing water. So in case they get wet, you just have to let them dry in the sun with the sole up and they will be in condition again. The cotton can be cleaned or washed in case of a stain, taking care not to wet the sole. After these simple recommendations you can use your Espadrilles as long as you want because your feet will be in contact with a material that does not cause any type of reaction to your skin, keeping them comfortable and airy all the time.

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