A bag is something very personal. This year Passionis Verae adds to its collection a limited edition of handmade bags made in our Studio in Amsterdam.  One of a kind and unrepeatable, each of them are made with 100% Wool and natural fibers from different origins. These fibers form part of our fabrics since we began our journey. That's why they are so special to me and some of those fibers ran out on this project. It was a kind of special inspiration in which valuable moments and materials from these years of our lives were mixed... all intertwined, mixed and added to a plot ♥


I hope you like them.

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Petit Bag

A small and unique bag made by hand using the crochet technique and 100% Wool, Alpaca, Mohair and Yak fibers.

A unique and unrepeatable model that has been achieved by mixing and weaving different colors and different types of fibers.


Measurements:  Total height 22 cm.

                             20cm Wide.

99,00 €

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Bag Nº 2

This is an ideal size bag to carry the essentials and go for a walk around the city to make discoveries, buy something or have a coffee with a friend. Its beautiful colors stand out perfectly if you wear a solid outfit. It is handmade using only natural fibers.


Measurements: Total height 31 cm.

                              Width: 22cm

99,00 €

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Bag Nº 3

This nice and charming bag is made by hand with 100% rustic wool. It is the perfect size to go shopping or have a drink carrying the essentials and looking very original at the same time.

The plot of the fabric reminds us of the plot made of wicker.

Natural color, no dye. Spinning and knitting by hand..


Measurements: Total height, 21 cm

                             Wide, 26 cm.

129,00 €

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Medium Bag

Practical and beautiful handmade bag with 100% rustic wool. A bag that does not go unnoticed for its simple beauty.

It is ideal to easily combine and easily find what you have inside, Its base is round which gives it a beautiful appearance.

Natural color, no dye. Spinning and knitting by hand.


Measurements:  Height 24 cm.

                             Wide 31 cm.

129,00 €

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Blue Bag

This original composition has been achieved by intertwining different types of 100% Sheep Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk and Icelandic Wool...

The result is a unique and beautiful bag that looks good at any age. With a short handle and made on a navy blue base with multiple details that make it unique and that you can combine very well with many things in your wardrobe.


Measurements: 25 cm. high and 22 cm. wide

149,00 €

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*  Colors may differ slightly from how they look on your screen

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