Who has not heard of this wonder of nature? Cashmere is a very soft type of Wool from the Cashmere Goat, a rare species that is raised in a very cold climate. Wearing a Cashmere garment is today a status symbol because of its beautiful texture and softness, as well as because it is scarce.

These delicate Shawls made of 100% fine Cashmere fiber are soft and pleasant, so soft that the pleasure felt on the skin is instantaneous. It hardly takes up space that you can carry it in your bag without hardly noticing it. It is a timeless, light and warm garment that you can wear almost all year round and that always feels good to whoever wears it.

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Cashmere Shawl

A garment we fall in love with from the first moment The luxurious texture pleases our senses instantly

It feels soft and light, so much so that you can wear it almost the whole year round and on many occasions, always giving a great impression to your image.

It is made of 100% fine fiber of Cashmere

A generous Shawl that you can wear as a scarf or open over your shoulders. Available in classic and deep colors that you can combine easily.


Measure: 200 X 100 cm.

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*  Colors may differ slightly from how they look on your screen

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