Silk Muslin Shawl or "Echarpe" in French, is a sheer, lightweight fabric with seductive movement and has long been used in our wardrobes. Silk has a soft and warm touch that makes our skin fall in love and you barely notice its presence, but you know it's there! You can carry it discreetly in your bag and you can certainly wear it almost all year round. A Silk scarf has multiple uses besides wearing it around the neck. You can use it to tie your hair, or decorate your head or hairstyle, as a belt and give a new life to a dress, tied to the handle of our bag.

In short, an elegant accessory that never goes unnoticed and it's perfect for a gift ♥

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Leopard print Muslin Scarf

Animal print Scarf is a classic accessory . Light and combinable, transparent and pleasant to the touch, it does not wrinkle and has a seductive movement that enhances your appearance instantly. 100% Silk.

Measurements: 140 X 43 cm

79,00 €

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Degradé Echarpe

This original and delicate Silk Muslin Scarf is soft and its beautifully degraded colors give us more possibilities to combine. Muslin has a beautiful, smooth movement and is barely felt on the skin..

Measure: 140 X 37 cm.

69,00 €

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  • Ships within 3-5 days1

*  Colors may differ slightly from how they look on your screen

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