Sheepskin Decor

Having a Sheepskin at home is a privilege. History places the Sheepskin inside our homes since the dawn of our civilization used as blankets or rugs. This allowed us to keep our houses cozy and warm since always. It's in our memory. That is why we feel a natural attraction towards these decorative elements.

Sheepskin is 100% Wool and Leather, its pleasant and timeless touch and appearance gives pleasure to our senses in addition to the advantages of these natural materials as thermal insulation. Have a Sheepskin in our home combining its color with our decoration provides texture and authentic elegance to our environment. Its uses are multiple, so you can often change it to a place where its warm presence will always be. You can put it in your favorite couch, the livingroom or on the terrace, your work chair, as a rug, under a certain piece of furniture ...

Each piece is unique, no two are alike, so originality is guaranteed ...


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Icelandic Sheepskin

A beautiful and unique Icelandic Sheepskin to decorate any special corner of your home.  Icelandic Sheepskin is characteristic because of its beautiful and long fur that will give a cozy accent full of charm to your favorite place of the house. Ideal for your couch, a work chair or at the terrace.

*Look at the number that each one has in the picture


Average length: 110 cm

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*  Colors may differ slightly from how they look on your screen

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