March 27, 2021
Sheep are peaceful and pleasant animals that give so much of themselves that there is nothing left but to be enormously grateful to them, whether for their wool, their meat, milk or their skin, everything in them is useful and abundant for the human being and it is not possible to ignore it.
February 07, 2021
...I keep thinking that this, despite the fact that many of us do not like it, will leave a deep mark on us and will make us much more aware of what nature offers us for free and of how necessary the company and affection of the family and our friends...

October 03, 2020
One of the favorite garments of our house is the Cardigan. We love this versatile and timeless garment who does not follow to specific fashions, but who somehow manages to be always present in our wardrobe....
July 06, 2020
For lovers of Wool as the raw material of our clothing, we like that it is authentic and of good quality, to be able to enjoy all its advantages for a long time. We have developed some guidelines so that the next time you go shopping, pay attention and train your eye and touch to that you learn to know a good garment of Wool.

May 31, 2020
When we hear about "slow fashion" many things can come to mind. For many it is one more trend that is heard in the media, but that may be more than a concept or a passing fad. In my opinion it is not just about fashion but it can be extended to the whole set of activities understood as "lifestyle"
March 24, 2020
Following the COVID-19 our time has stopped, our clocks seem to be slower than ever. The situation is new for most of us. It has been many years in our recent history that we have not experienced a situation as extreme as this...

June 19, 2019
Simplifying is always topical, thinking before acquiring becomes tremendously necessary, this is something that is done in a personal way, attending to an inner call. Buy conscious that you need it, that it goes with you, that you will use it conveniently and that it will give you a profit comparable to what you have spent.
March 22, 2019
A topic that we often do not give importance to is the close relationship that our garments have and our skin. We are in direct contact with them throughout our lives. I do not mean just the clothes in our wardrobe, but also all the textile material that we are in contact with, clothes, bedding, towels, tapestries, underwear, pajamas, etc.

February 11, 2019
As for cleaning, we must take certain care to keep them in good condition for a long time. Depending on the material that the garment is made of, we can wash it by hand or take it to dry cleaning.
January 07, 2019
In this post I just want to share some pictures that reflect the lovely Dutch landscape and comment that simple activities like a quiet stroll unite us to our environment and those around us.

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