Wear a Shawl


Wearing a Shawl with grace and naturalness is not an easy thing.

Whether it is a Shawl, Scarf, Stole, Foulard, so called because of its size or texture (surely there are more names), these are some of the best known.

There are people who by nature have no problem moving fluidly with a Shawl around their neck or shoulders, but for others it is a real challenge. But it's like walking gracefully on high heels. It's all a matter of practice and more practice.

Cashmere Shawl
Cashmere Shawl

Some of these accessories can make a whole difference in your wardrobe. It gives you movement and freshness, it gives you liveliness, accentuates the color of your skin, your eyes, it hides some extra kilo... In addition to the multiple combinations that you can make with your clothes to enhance your outfit.

Depending on the texture of your accessories, you can fold it or extend it around your neck or over your shoulders. If it is cold, we will tend to wrap it around our neck and in summer or with milder temperatures you can wear it on your shoulders, for example on a terrace or for an event where the air conditioning is very cold and you want to put something on top.

Having a Shawl on hand is always an advantage, even a small silk scarf gives joy to a boring suit, you barely notice it inside the collar of a blouse for example and how much pleasure it is to feel it on your skin! You adapt to it almost instantly.

As for textures, a mix of Wool and Silk or Cashmere are also very pleasant and provide more warmth. Ohh, what a gift for the senses!

Silk Echarpe
Silk Echarpe

Historically we remember many "interesting"people who always wore Silk scarves, shawls or foulards, which made them look unique and original. Men also show off accessories such as scarves matching their suits. I have noticed that certain men are even very bold when it comes to colors and textures.

We always remember the people who take the time to add "something more" to their wardrobe routine as special, self-confident, with authority and power, standing out from the ordinary.

Accessories are intrinsically linked to a personal and unique style.


Wool accessories can be found in the most diverse textures. From felt to fine wool gauze, each one has its purpose in terms of its use as an accessory.

The multiple advantages of using natural fibers such as those mentioned here are mainly the insulating effect with respect to the outside temperature, in addition to keeping your skin dry, it gives you pleasant heat that does not suffocate you and can be used almost around the year, of course depending. the climate you live in.

Wearing a Wool Shawl is also a gift for the senses if what you are looking for is some warmth when the weather is cold. Learn which type of natural fiber you like the most so that you get more out of your investment in accessories. Wool, Alpaca, Cashmere, Yak, Silk, etc. You will surely find the texture that you like the most.

Light Wool Shawl texture
Light Wool Shawl texture

As for its use, wearing a Shawl provides movement when walking, stylizes you and gives you that "I don't know what" that particularly identifies you.

Try solid colors, prints, stripes, etc. to discover little by little what is best for you depending on what occasion. You have to know yourself well, know what suits you and learn to look in the mirror. You always know deep down what suits you and what doesn't.

No one knows better than you if you like it or not, say the wise...

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Try different textures, try new colors, styles. Feel tem to see what sensations it gives you.

Never be uncomfortable because it shows. Don't go to an important event without first wearing it a couple of times. Practice a little and use it at home while you go about your normal life so that you get used to it to the point where you forget you are wearing it and you feel comfortable. Try different combinations, go to normal places like shopping, or the office. After a few days you will have so much experience and you will know how you like to carry it. A shawl has no instructions, you have to discover it in yourself. No two people will ever look the same with the same accessory. So play like a child and have fun making combinations and improving your style.


Herringbone Light Wool Shawl
Herringbone Light Wool Shawl

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