If we look at the photo album of our evolution, we are always accompanied by our faithful companions: the sheep. It is impossible not to mention them since they were always there providing us with their company, warmth, food and clothing, as well as being a very precious commodity of commercial exchange.

Of course, in this long evolutionary path there have been other species equally beneficial to us, and in this case we are going to refer to sheep, this noble and peaceful animal with which we have been accompanying us since the cave times. The man and the sheep lived for centuries in mutual and cordial company, serving man as company, shelter and sustenance.

Sheep in the field
Sheep in the field

Today with all our modernity and lifestyle, many of us do not know how necessary they are or do not take into account, but discreetly there are still present in our lives and in our homes more than we think. If we look carefully we will realize that either as food or shelter who more or who less has a part of their raw materials at their disposal.

Sheep are peaceful and pleasant animals that give so much of themselves that there is nothing left but to be enormously grateful to them, whether for their wool, their meat, milk or their skin, everything in them is useful and abundant for the human being and it is not possible to ignore it. Being in the field and knowing their way of life is a privilege that many today cannot know.

Handknitted Shawl
Handknitted Shawl

Now that concepts such as sustainability and the use of natural raw materials are back on the lips of everyone, sheep is once again regaining importance, something that has never really disappeared. Natural materials are incredibly more durable than any synthetic product and their advantages cannot be matched by new technologies. Of course there are new things that can improve our lives, but they do not exceed the natural for that, it is a matter of priorities since each one chooses what is best for himself and for its economy.

Talking about skin and meat today can be a controversial topic for some. I do not want to go any further, but it is understood that we are talking about a disciplined and responsible breeding, which complies with sustainable production quotas and that what is used for human use such as skin and wool, are part of the life cycle of the animal. The whole production process, ecological is understood, is infinitely less polluting than other manufacturing processes.

That is why it is a limited good and that as such we must appreciate and care for it even more.

...a Sheepskin in our favorite couch!
...a Sheepskin in our favorite couch!

The wool that comes from sheep and that we enjoy with so much pleasure is a product with enormous advantages for our skin, it keeps us isolated from climatic agents such as cold and humidity. Sheepskin is highly appreciated for its softness and flexibility, which is very useful for footwear or gloves. A Sheepskin is an incredibly nice beautiful item to keep at home as a blanket or rug, just like our caveman!

It should be noted that the machinery and processes have improved, the finishes are delicious because there are those who pay careful attention to details, so perhaps that is why it is sometimes impossible to relate that the piece we have in our hands comes from an animal.

Sheepskin baby booties ♥
Sheepskin baby booties ♥

At Passionis Verae we are dedicated to it. Our Studio smells like Wool and Sheep and we love that. Knitwear, shawls, scarves, blankets, hats, adorable Sheepskin accessories like gloves or mittens are all our customer's favorites, and furs that are incredibly beautiful and soft give an air of graceful, warm and welcoming to our home. I must clarify that whoever buys these items does not buy them just on a whim but because they know they are responsibly buying an item to make it last, to enjoy it and take care of it until it is over.

Thus we continue our life and our evolution with these good traveling companions, the sheep, very close to us. It is interesting not to forget what the things that surround us are made of ☺

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