Foulards, scarves, shawls and other wonders...

In the history of fashion these fashion accessories are old acquaintances. They integrated into our attire to fight the cold and little by little they have become irreplaceable, forming part of our wardrobe through time. The truth is that they have always existed and without much noise they have slipped into our lives.

I have tried to see documents, I have been investigating a little to clarify when exactly they were incorporated into our lives and I see that they are part of us, that they accompany us from the caverns. Surely at first they were a piece of skin or sheep, some vegetable plot but the truth is that it is in our ancestral memory. Having a piece of cloth, rectangular or square, bigger or smaller is inherent in our nature.

Accessories, that piece of wool, silk, linen, cotton, etc. It fulfills its role perfectly. With their colors and textures they help to embellish and enhance combinations and multiply our options. By day, in the city, at night, on the beach or in the countryside, thick or thin, they are always a good company. I love them for their versatility, their pleasant touch and because they are always welcome, even if you keep them in your bag until you need them.

The accessories have charm for both men and women, it seems seductive and perhaps due to its gentle movements and because they add grace to our appearance.

An accessory is always an appropriate gift. We will rarely make mistakes because they always adapt to their owner. It is very important the material with which it is made since this is noticeable in its plot and in its movement, the details of its preparation will give us more of a joy and if it has been a gift, it will be doubly grateful.

Today we find ourselves with such a wide range that we hardly find two people with the same one.

That is what creates that authentic touch of your own style, you are unique and unrepeatable, a foulard or a scarf looks totally different with two different garments. In the same way that not the same one tied to the neck that tied to the hair, in the waist, tied to a hat! Incredible, we have a thousand options to be original.

Do you want to know something? Magic exists. Dressing can never be boring !

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