Free time

Enjoying free time is always a pleasure. Although sometimes when we have that time we do not really know what to do with it. I do not mean a holidays but rather those sometimes brief moments sometimes a day or a weekend in which you simply enjoy doing nothing.

During the summer, the warm temperature, the brightness of nature, the voices of children playing happily outdoors, all invites to delicious moments of pleasure. Going out to the terrace, to a park or just staying a while longer in bed are worthy of enjoyment.

The time that we dedicate to our leisure seem to me as sacred moments of the day in which we connect with our being. If we get these parentheses in our daily affairs, we can gain quality of life in many ways.


How difficult it is to do nothing ! When we were children and it was not school day and we faced the day without a plan, there was always something interesting and entertaining to do and the day went by as an adventure, the hours became eternal and that day was completely unique, devoid of any anguish achieve "something", a day different from any other! As adults, as we turn years we forget that quality and we turn to our agendas, schedules, worries and that's when the time begins to pass quickly without distinguishing one day from another.

At times, our "child" may wake up and remind us of what makes us happy. Summer has that advantage, it invites us to go out on the street, to open the windows, to greet the neighbor and to sing under the shower.


Blessed the moments or the days like that !!

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