The rustic woven

We can recognize a fabric, in addition to its colors and composition, by touch. If we look carefully to know how they are, we will feel its thickness, its texture, whether they are soft or rough, light or heavy.

In the world of wool, there are also endless details that make each fabric different, unique and special. The different types of wool and their geographical origin, let us see the beauty of this noble animal fiber. The different wool-producing species form a vast range, ranging from sheep to camels! to which more special and different one from another and in each one of the species another enormous variety according to its race and origin. Thus we find, for example, sheep with short hair, with long, curly, rough or soft hair, each with a purpose intended for our uses.

In this article we will emphasize the rustic fabric, less commercial maybe, but without doubt that beauty is everywhere. These wools, barely treated or dyed, have a faithful public, that wool that maintains its original smell and color, with a rougher touch and notable weight. We can find this type of wool in some garments such as blankets either for domestic use or country blankets, or in a poncho, in certain garments intended for hunting, fishing or working in the field or riding. Lasting garments that delight those who enjoy this type of activities generally outdoors.

There are still many places on this planet where these garments are still worn and the traditions are kept alive. Its artisanal manufacture on a small scale still persists at this point and are those crafts that are made for the love of the countryside, animals and nature.

The rustic fabric is beautiful, it has its charm and you have to know how to appreciate it.

This month of October, Passionis Verae will dedicate one of its exhibitions to rustic garments. Traditional wool ponchos intended for outdoor chores, work, hunting, fishing or riding. To the everlasting and unforgettable travel blanket of woolen yarn, a process that is already little used making its fabric a resistant and durable fabric over time.

You can also see and buy shawls and jackets for children handmade in Icelandic wool, always welcome when it's cold, impossible to resist.

You can see this exhibition at The Maker Market - Amsterdam on October 27, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39 - 1053 RT Amsterdam                          

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