Buy less, buy better

I have the impression that lately our life train has been accelerating due to the constant rain of images, advertising and new technologies that bring us closer to the trends almost in real time.

All this is very good if we want to be topical, we have to see what happens there, but it is also true that upon receiving such an amount of external influences we lose part of our originality and our points of view are scattered. Many of us are involved in this vortex without realizing we are accumulating so much material of all kinds that often we do not even know how they got to us and what is worse is that we will not have time to use everything properly. Some things will become obsolete quickly, others will go out of style and others unfortunately we do not know why we have them because it is not our style or we will not use them directly!

It is also true that much of this information is tremendously valuable in many fields of our activities. Today we have access to such a wealth of information that we could not even imagine before and that it would have taken us centuries to access or it would never have reached us. The technology that we use today in small devices that we could only store in an office, today we carry in our pocket.

And fashion ... ahh that is our communication tool with which we make known who we are and where we are going. That is where today I want to put the focus of attention since it is an issue that concerns me.

The fact of having unlimited access to all kinds of tendencies means that sometimes we lose the north, we drift and recharge ourselves for the simple fact that something is "cool." Less is more, it says a wise phrase that leads us to self-analysis exhaustive of what we are projecting to others.

The garments we wear (besides our attitude) have a huge power that is our personal code and it is important to pay attention that we are giving the exact impression of what we are and what we want. When all these elements are in balance, something magical is achieved that makes us achieve our objectives. And if we are scattered ... it shows at a glance.

This of course is not easy, especially when we are younger and we are challenged by the options we have before our horizon. So it is normal to spend some time even some years involved in the whirlwind.

I have been doing these analyzes in my person at various levels of my life, from the closet to my food, an exercise routine, things that I should learn and others directly unlearn since they become obsolete because my life is in constant change and movement and I do not mean only clothes. These analyzes require all our attention at various levels of our lives. Our clothing is ultimately the tip of the iceberg and as we are in a society that gives "Like" at first glance, then you can understand what I'm trying to say.

From time to time it is good to empty ourselves to make that change of skin so necessary, the accumulation is not good since it makes us rigid, we take hold in narrow and not very fluid positions. I recently read in a post about someone who was not going to spend a single penny on something new this year, to give a second chance to everything he had already at home. Neither a trip to give another look at what's around, etc. It does not seem far-fetched to me, since we often go out of our way to do something new without "seeing" what we have at our disposal, including our families and close friends.

So simplifying is always topical, thinking before acquiring becomes tremendously necessary, this is something that is done in a personal way, attending to an inner call.

Buy conscious that you need it, that it goes with you, that you will use it conveniently and that it will give you a profit comparable to what you have spent. That article will become an extension of yourself. Find an experience in your purchase, looking in the eyes of who sells it to see the person in front of you, stop for a moment and exchange a few words with that person. Buy nice things that make you look and feel better, take your time to acquire something and if you have doubts, postpone the purchase until you are completely sure. Look at the labels, look at the composition, look how you're going to wash it. Buy thinking that it is useful for more than one occasion or to make other combinations. When you buy a gift, think about what is useful for whom your gift is directed, it is an act of love and appreciation to whom it is addressed. Be aware that when you pay, you give part of your own time and energy with the money you give in return.

Simplifying also means being open to the new.


Maybe you will be surprised to see these images in this post ... and there are so many beautiful things around us that only we will see just stopping a little bit...there's life outside ♥

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